Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Sheepish Friends.

So before I went on the worldwind of trips (Shaunovan Classic, Maple Creek Sheepdog classic, the Canadian and Western Canadian Championships, Soldier Hollow and the Worlds), there was a few jobs to do with the girls before we said our farewells.

The girls were packed into the barn, and then were given their Caseous Lymphadenitis vaccine. This is a disease that causes pussy lumps (there is no mewing involved for those who are unfamiliar with sheep).

Jenny the Donkey was none to happy about the arrangement. She really wanted to stay with her sheepish relatives.

The Watch Donkey watched as her sheep were dealt with.

Some people don't believe that a donkey can look after flocks - well, this year, we have not lost any lambs or sheep to the coyotes. Perhaps they don't like her singing and stay away. She sings in alto, alto loud and annoying to some.....but music to my ears!

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