Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Time For Drayton Valley

No, it wasn't my first time for Drayton Valley - I had worked there many moons ago - but it was the first time for Drayton Valley to host an arena trial.  It was time for me to reconnect with old friends -and brand new ones as well.
Michelle and her two girls were out to cheer for me and my dogs - only felt like yesterday when we would go the local watering hole and cheer each other! 
 Many of us were able to put young dogs in - I had stopped by at Jill Brodie's the night before, polishing up on Mitch - and was pretty confident he would do well.  Somewhere between Rumsey and Drayton Valley, Mitch must have lost his brains - or his hearing - or both.  Back to the drawing board he will go.
Other handlers did quite well with their youngsters.

Some old friends came out with their old dogs as well.
We sat at the sidelines and cheered each other on.
After the day was done, I donned my vet hat and sewed up a ewe (the mileage is going to kill them) and then went to the greatest place to have steak in Drayton Valley - Three Knights (they better give me a free steak next time in town because of this plug).  I had met up with Holly Brunner, Lisa Wright and Louanne Twa - and they had the great steak as well (once again Three Knights, you can contact me with your gift card).  After that, I stayed the night with Christine Felstad - an old work mate and got caught up with life.

When the first go round was over, I had found I had won it with Floss - finally some points to go to the USBCHA Finals!   I am not proud, I will get them anywhere I can.  All we had to do was have a clear round, and Floss would be in the finals.  The trial gods had to have their way with us - we were dealt a ewe who figured correctly that Floss wouldn't floss her teeth with her, and we couldn't get her moving.  Training lesson 88 - learning to floss with your teeth would be taught in short order.

There was a short presentation of representative for each province for the crowd, I being el Presidento for Saskatchewan had myself in the limelight.

The day wound down and the finals were ran.  Gord Lazzarotto and Oakley won the ranch class.

The nursery class was won by Jennifer L'Arivee and she was piggish enough to win reserve as well.

 For the open finals - I was able to get in there with Gin, Carol Nelson had her two dogs in Jess and Zip, her mom Pam Boring (no she isn't boring) had Mirk in, Corey Perry had Jill, Tess Davidson had her Del and George Walker had Wylie (Wyli E Coyote) in.

Gin and I were able to put the heat on - penning in 1:39
But the heat wasn't turned up high enough - Carol and her Jess beat us with a time of 1:22!

So Carol Nelson and Jess were queens for the day.
Gin and I were to be the princesses.
It was a great couple of days - and was about to pack up and go home when Dora the Explorer had a surprise for me....a dead battery.  I had locked the keys in the truck to be safe, since I had a keyless entry I could use.  I guess I don't have to spell it out, but I will.  AMA.  I suppose you could say he was my knight in shining armor.

Another trial, another tribulation, and another story. 
However, the story doesn't end here.  I got Dora back jumping, and we made our way to the Do Drop In And Dye Residence - since when I rolled in I was ready to die.  A visit was had that night and the next morning Randy, Abe Marshall and Don Grant did some dog training - now, this WAS NOT done on the trial field for the Wildrose Stockdog Classic - it only looks like it.

Don showed us Ky (aka Dan) who looks like a replica of Gin.  I still kick my butt for selling him to Don.
We all had our turn to work our dogs.
I had twigged Mitch on this field - funny, his hearing had returned since the arena trial.  Floss made pretty good outruns, so I hope she remembers (how to do it, not the field, since I had noted, this WAS NOT the Wildrose Stockdog Classic trial field).
The following photos are courtesy of Randy Dye.

 I guess he took lessons from Naomi Shields how to take pictures - she shows great aversion to the zoom button.
After the training session (on the non-Wildrose Stockdog Classic field), we made our way to Nanton, where I was to work for the next week.  A short stop was done to drop off the amazing Dozer (a dog in which I was amazed how often he would pack a lunch and leave our place during his visit) - to his owners.  Dozer's kennel would not be empty for long.

Little Nan would be coming back with me after my work at Nanton was done. 
By the looks of her, she is either listening intently or has a neurological disease causing a head tilt.
Only time will tell.


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