Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thankful For Lots

When I got back from the Finals, the following weekend was Thanksgiving.  I had a huge dilema, would I drive to the ASDA Finals which was 7 hours away in a few days, or would I go the other direction to Broadview, Saskatchewan, 5 hours away, for Thanksgiving with my family.  Tough decision.  But heads won, so Chris and I treked our way to Broadview for some turkey.
There were other turkeys at Broadview, some played with a few of the dogs that came with us.
 My lovely sister Sharon was there....waxing Sharon, waxing....
 My MUCH older sister Jean.
 We had rented a small hall to hold this family affair.  Of course, in the Richardson family, this means games of cards.
 Dad and Mom played poker. 
 Some of the family were not as bright, so they didn't play cards (guess I won't get that Christmas gift now).
 "Hey, wanna play a round?"
 Niece Tara and husband Derek -crafty card sharks.
 Grandma Jean, Grandpa Phil and Reece (Reece is the little one, yes, Jean looks old enough to have a grandson as old as the fellow sitting down, who is her son Tim - once again, another Christmas gift is gone for me.)
 My sister Sharon played with people her own age.
 My "Not As Old As Jean" sister Sandy in the back ground making sure the turkey is cooked.  Baby Brother Gary washing dishes behind her.
 "Ooohh, what do you say Dad, time for supper?"
 Grub's on!!
 The feed bunk.
 Age before beauty gets in line.
 The great nephews.

 Now, for family pictures -everyone say cheese!
 Okay, now for the pictures with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.
 "Okay, now smile."
 "Hey, Dad, this way."
 "Snap it quick!"
 And Dad says, "Enough of this, let's get back to cards!"
 So with Thanksgiving over, we got back home and I went to work again.  Being fall, the weekly sales are being held at the auction mart - and often I can see this outside the vet clinic window - cattle bring brought to town for sale.
 Lots of good hands in this cattle train.

 Once again, a family photo - but not my family.
 And this is where I have to say I am thankful to have my life.  This is Blondy (note the tag) - he is a 4 year old Limousin bull.  He came in with a lump on his cheek, and he was not happy about it.
 This is the day I saw my life pass before my eyes.  Blondy came into the clinic, and I had the headgate of the chute open.  He decided he would continue and push his entire body through, I caught him at his hips, and then wondered what was I going to do.  You see, for him to get caught again, he would have to turn 180 degrees to his left and go back into the chute system, so, when he was pointing in the right direction I let him loose.  By this time, Ol' Blondy was seeing red.  He decided to turn towards me, I ran into the storage room and tried to shut the door on him, but he decided he would keep coming into this 12 x 10 room.
 As you can tell, it was like a bull in a china shop.  He tried to jump through the window and I managed to squeeze by him and get out of the room (you know, life before your eyes moment).  The door closed behind him and all you could hear was crash, bang, smash.  Just a few days ago, we had received a large shipment of Ivomec (which is very expensive).  I wondered how many days I would have to work to pay it off.  I was then able to open the door, as he had turned himself around.  He walked out, then proceeded to turn around and walk back in and shut the door on himself again.  I said a few choice words as I heard more crashing coming from that small room - imagining the worse -things like semen testers, microscopes and a whole lot of drugs were in that room.  I opened the door once again, Blondy left the room, and decided he was to go to the chute system.  I still had to deal with his lump - so a good shot of drugs was given to him, and he was as mild a Jersey cow.
After he left, the damages were surveyed.
 All of those boxes had Ivomec in them.  The smell of Ivomec was in the air.  I forgot to tell the farmer that Blondy wouldn't have to have Ivomec this year.
 The shit had hit the fan...and the wall.  Bounty - it would be a difficult task.
 After everything was said and done, Blondy had managed to wreck only 3 bottles of Ivomec.  I do believe I had a horseshoe stuck up my butt - was a sight better than a bull's head that I had thought would be rammed into me.
Oh yes, and he made a mess of my new sweatshirt I got from the Nationals.  Bastard.
Yes, some people can say work is boring...I am not one of those people.

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