Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Agribition Was Slightly Aggravating.

The Western Canadian Agribition is usually the last trial we make for the year.  It is always a mini-family reunion for us, since my roots - all the grey ones- are in Saskatchewan.
This is my nephew Tim holding his favorite - Tim Hortons....
 ...and his son Reece.
 No, this is not all my family, but there sitting down in the back in the blue is my Mom - it had been years since she had come watched - so with her eyes cleared of cataracts, she was able to watch.  Perhaps that is my problem with obstacles.
 Then there were rest of the damn family.
The serious ones.
 The nuts.
 The ones from friendly Manitoba.
 Even Chris was pulled away from the ranch.
 Jack Rieger was the illustrious judge - we are not sure if his cataracts were done for the event. 
 For the half time show, the dignitaries....yes, that included me, got to ride in the wagon.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! 

 No, I really meant it - we didn't want a runaway to happen.  Lara Forchuk was on the wagon as well - and damn near fell off...but that is not surprising at all.
 No dogs were squashed in the proceedings.
 So, two good runs would get a person to the top five for the finals.  Creed did well for Chris.

 Jill did well as well - each penned - too bad a combination of the two couldn't get you in.
 Gin and I had a good first run.  Out of 35 dogs in the first run, only 13 had completed runs.  Both Gin and Floss were able to pen the first round - would I be lucky enough to get a clear round with both of them?

 In the end, the answer was an astounding NO!  I did get a pen with Floss again, and ended up 8th overall, Gin got lucky and got a very unlucky yearling, one that took her out of the running.  I am not sure what I was thinking, but as three and a half minutes went by, and I was still trying to get the bugger to the pen, I should have walked off - I am sure Gin wanted too.  Darn it anyways - I paid for the four minutes to be out there!
In any case, it was not to be any from Hilltop Ranch to get into the 2012 Finals. 
All I got in was an hour of selling stuff from the SSDA booth.
Stacey Rosvold is the queen of the booth.
 Bev Sommers did her annual stint as well.
 Then I found out what was the food of champions.
 Yes, this is the 2012 Agribition Stockdog Champion - Norm Sommers. 
Next year I will ask if I can have a piece of his pizza - maybe it will rub off onto me - cheese and all.

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