Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Am So Far Behind I Think I Am First

Well, you may have think I have fallen off the face of the earth, and these past couple of months has been sort of a world wind of craziness that has happened.  We will have to step back about a month to get everything back on track.  After the Mankota Rodeo (which was end of March), the next thing that happened around here was to get the sheep ready for their summer pasture - that of course meant shearing.
First we had to find the renegades.  They were acting like speed bumps, so they were not hard to find.
 Jenny kept close by - maybe she wanted a little off her sides as well!
 Maggie and her calf was wondering what was up.
Mitch was number one pen dog.  He worked for his kibble that day.
Everyone waited for their turn.
Not sure if there was a lot of Advil in their systems, but the shearers made it look easy.
Our neighbor Kathy Eklund came to help - it was wooly nice she could come out to help.

Chris was the official packer.
The big boys were left to the end. 
Whoa, we hardly know each other!
Is this a strip search?
  Give me a call next time your in town.
This tyke will have to wait 'til next year for it's haircut.
So after the girls all had their coats off, they were to be sent off to pasture - and they were to be branded so that we would get the lovely darling back at the end of the season.
There was a little problem with the branding pot.
I got slightly burnt.
Hell, had to color my hair anyways.

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