Saturday, December 20, 2014

It Has Been Too, Too Long

Forgive me, for I have sinned.  I am not sure if the priest wants to hear this, but hopefully I will be forgiven for not keeping this blog up to date.
So much has happened, so many gaps to fill - not sure if there is enough Polyfilla to do the job!
So, where do I start? I guess, where I left off is probably the best place.  That was WAY BACK in February.  Yikes.
Let's see - there was snow,
And more snow. 
 Our asses were cold.
 In the midst of it babies would come along.

 Surgery was done on Floss, her teeth would not feel sheep for awhile.
 Lots of fog, cannot remember when though - foggy memory.
 Visitors came the house.
 There were some meetings.
 More lambs. 
 It was back breaking work. 
 Everyone pitched in.
 The spring came and clothes could be shed off. 
Brandings with the neighbors.
 Occasionally we had time to eat. 
 Dog trialing - just a few.
 More time with the dogs.
Time with friends.
 The trials went okay, but not stellar, for myself and the dogs this year, perhaps I should take up golfing.
 In a blink of an eye, some loved ones were lost forever.
Eldon walked into my life as a scraggly cat.
 And left us as a lovely nurse.
Nurse Eldon helped me nurse Stormy as a bedraggled kitten... a drug induced cat.
Larry also left us this year - leaving another hole.
But, then Winky has come along...helping to fill up the holes. 
 And filling our time with his antics.
There were some pups throughout the year.
 There were visits with the family.
...and some partying.
Some girls went to town.
Some boys went to town.
We had to deal with some jackasses. 
But we did not let them damper our spirits.
We found we had a lot of flocking friends to see us through the rough patches.
So that will, sort of, get everyone up to speed with our lives. 
I do solemnly swear, that I will make at least one entry a week in this blog.
But don't tell my mom...she doesn't like it when I swear.

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