Monday, February 21, 2011

(Extended) Family Day Weekend

Our weekend was spent with our extended family. On Saturday we went for supper at Rachel and John's - fur parents of Kitty and Kenny.
As you can see, Jack Russells are quite easy to dry them from a bath - it really should be put in a Maytag manual.
Then Sunday, we went out and met up with Bill and Naomi Shields, and Chris Jobe to do some dog training. Sorry, no pictures-the arena was too dark. Chris was looking after the arena for some friends, and she got to use the arena on their off time. I brought out my young dogs -Mitch and Tim - and was pretty pleased after the afternoon was done. All the dogs we brought out progressed - some finally understood what a lie down meant, others found their pace. We all tried to help each other - and I am sure I can speak for all spouses - you can never help your own spouse with dog training -it must be something in the vows I missed - but it quite alright to help other spouses with their dogs. I do believe it is the 11th commandment -Thou shall take dog training suggestions from thy neighbor's spouse.
We finished the day with supper (thanks to Cosco and friends) and of course some dog talk.
Now Family Day will be spent with our family - the family of cows. Missing tags are going to be put into the cows, and hopefully it will be a nice day to do so. I started the day by taking a pup to the airport - it was -6C at the airport, and -21C here. Oh, I sure do hope it does warm up today.

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