Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My God, It's Christmas Again

Just got word from a little birdie (Louanne is her name), that I got an invite to Soldier Hollow! This is a trial in the first weekend in September in Utah's Heber Valley, where they held the 2002 Winter Olympics. Their website is www.soldierhollowclassic.com if you want some more dirt on it. The teams that get invited are those who have won or placed a major trial in a double lift in the previous year. Although I haven't done that (the closest was 3rd at Kingston, and 4th at the USBCHA), I was still invited. Now I am going to change my plans a little bit. I was going to go to England in early September to get the Worlds. Oh, I am still going, I am just going to go to both (crazy dog trialer that I am). The Worlds run from the 15-18th in September, so I will just travel back from Utah, and hop on a plane, say on the 8th, and then find a day or two with sheep somewhere, and then tackle the Worlds. The year starts with the Bluegrass in Kentucky in May. I must get starting training the dogs again-I get to run 2 dogs in Soldier Hollow, so I think old Creed will be thrown in the deep end this fall. Oh my, oh my, what is a dog to do?


  1. The Albertans are going to DOMINATE! George will be there too! Bring a pair of pants that are one size larger than your usual 'cause the free prime rib dinner has lots of fixin's.

  2. That's all I need - a size larger pair of pants!

  3. Outfit by Ahab the Tentmaker!
    Just kidding.
    So congratulations on the Soldier Hollow invite. Get ready to cook -- it was baking hot when I was there and I think that's the norm.
    Guess I'll meet up with you at world's and I'll tell you all about the Supreme International. Cheers.