Saturday, July 23, 2011

Calling Jenny Craig

So back in April, I decided I should downsize some of my terriers. Tessa went to a home in Edmonton. The lady (I use that term loosely) never paid, first it was she lost her job, then her boyfriend and her were moving to a new place and couldn't take her. Then she could take her, but she needed time to pay. I, being very understanding, said she could pay in installments. My patience wore very thin when she emailed from Utah on a holiday. How could she pay for a holiday if she couldn't pay for a dog. Long story short, I got her back....but I am very disappointed.

Tessa jumped out of the car, remembering me, but I can barely recognize her.

I told her she was like a 450 pound man - morbidly obese. Everyone knows the shape of my terriers, and fat is not in their vocabulary or on their body. I told her I fed her 1 cup once a day, she fed her twice a day. Tessa will NOT say no to food.
Guess it is a weight loss program now. When you see me at the next trial, she will be the terrier bringing up the rear. Or the one stuck in a hole, and I do mean literally.

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  1. Jeez... I'm sorry to hear that you got messed around by this woman and so glad that you got Tessa back - for her health's sake (let's face it, overfeeding is no better than underfeeding)!
    Kath S., Calgary