Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Just Saying...

...I feel like a semi has driven me over. Over the past years, we had held a few trials before Stampede, and was worn out from the early morning drives, late night finishes, and the socializing required for the events. I would have thought it would have been better this year - since we weren't hosting anything, we would be well rested right? Wrong!!! I have come to the realization that it is likely the socialization which is the culprit. Jaimie VanRyn, I blame you for the headache I got the next day at the Wildrose Classic. I do believe the wine that was drunk had turned into vinegar. No, wait...the wine was consumed in the Ewe box in the Saddledome. Chris Jobe - I will never trust you again. My mother will be very disappointed in the road you have made me follow. Shame on you!! On second thought, I will blame Les the bartender at Stampede. You all better sit down and relax as I recall the escapades over the last few days. I had asked a bartender at the Saddledome for a drink, he came around the bar and asked, "What can I get for you Sir?" Now, I did cut my hair, but I do still wear a size C bra! Maybe his real name was Leslie - (s)he had earrings on. After he had apologized, Chris (husband, not Jobe) and Jaimie VanRyn watched the end of the cattlepenning. Then Andy, the security guard (which I was very leery of, he had beady eyes - or at least that was the way they looked through my eyes) informed us that the area was going to be closed. Not wanting to go empty handed, I asked Chris to get me my final (at least I thought that at the time) drink. He came back and told me dear old Les said the bar was closed. I jumped up (rye allows me to do amazing feats) and asked Les if this was true. I said he had hurt my feelings by calling me Sir and he should apologize accordingly. I was about to walk away and he whispered for me to come back - he made a special rye and coke for me on the house. Les is now my favorite bartender...I will look him up next year for sure.
By this time, Security Andy said the area was closed and they would have to escort us out. I quickly drank my drink, and we were whisked away to the elevator...and I was concerned. The elevator said capacity was 10, but I was sure I saw 12 people...but then again, I had been drinking for quite some time at that point. We got settled in the bleachers to watch the rest of the dogs run, and then Chris Jobe came to me, Chris, Jaimie and Pat Winters, asking us if we trusted her. Of course we did! We then ended up in a private box to watch the dog trial from...all supplied with wine....and a private bathroom!!! We called it the Ewe Box, and soon we were filled with a few more old ewes over the course of the evening, a few more sire rams were added as well. We decided Randy Dye would be the ram for the yearling ewes, and Chris (husband) would be the herd sire due to his thick neck.
A few glasses of bubbly was done, a few trips to the special bathroom was done, and I was almost done. Joey my nephew came back from riding the rides with Towles grandson and watched the rest of the trial from the comforts of the Ewe Box. By the end of the evening, we had found quite a number of friends in low places, and the whiskey (well really wine) flowed and the beer chased my blues away....and that was okay!
After the trial was done, we were about to back to the barns, but a sudden downpour erupted. What was one to do? Take solice in the comforts of another rye and coke. The final order was done...a beer for Chris, a rye and Coke for me and a Coke for Joey. By the end of my rye and coke, I was wondering why it had tasted so weak. I then asked Joey if his Coke had another flavor in it.
It did, and it wasn't vanilla ice cream.
There went our designated driver.
I am now his favorite aunt.
I'm just saying....I had alot of fun this weekend!
After I have a good restful sleep this night, I promise I will have some pictures to show. Quite likely there will be ones that bribes can be sought.

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