Monday, December 5, 2011

She's Alive

There has a small hiatus since last blog, and after the local mortuary called asking what should be on my tombstone, I decided I had better let everyone know that I am alive.

Now, where did we leave off?

I do recall we were on our way to Agribition. It has turned to be a mini family reunion over the years, with my sisters coming to cheer Chris and myself at the competition.

Not sure why they looked so happy, Saskatchewan Roughriders did NOTHING this year.

Even my nephew Timmy and my great-nephew came to watch (and for the life of me, I can't remember his name-Alzheimer's, meeting people for the first time every day!)
The sheep were proven to be tough - grips were allowed, and most dogs gripped. Some dogs flossed their teeth more than others. I was pretty happy with both Gin and Floss. They moved the woolly beasts with few problems. Floss however will have remedial classes this winter regarding flanks.

Chris showed his great aptitude in mixing up his flanks, and getting frustrated with Jill when she took the flanks he had asked for.

Poor Jill - perhaps Chris should have remedial classes in flanks.

Two clear rounds had to be done to get into the finals. Gin finished 6th both rounds, and overall came in second. Kayleen Forsyth, Jared Epp, Peter Gonnet and Dale Montgomery (the King as he was noted) would be the other top handlers going to the finals during the evening's rodeo.

Someone (Jared) ticked off the rodeo clown. Beware of the blue goop.

Gin and I ran second last, and managed to beat Peter and Taff by 1 second.

Alas, the pixie dust was forgotten, and Dale Montgomery and Ben (with help with his teeth) managed to beat us by 15 seconds.

The Western Canadian Agribition of 2011 would go down in history again. The King continues his reign.

As the Queen of Mankota, we will be back. Possibly a dethroning will occur next year.

Time will tell.

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