Friday, December 23, 2011

Twas About 16 Hours Before Christmas

Now cuddle up, get your hot chocolate (don't forget the marshmallows), and enjoy the endless classic (which has been changed slightly for this blog).

Twas Sixteen Hours Before Christmas

Twas Sixteen Hours Before Christmas

and all in the yard

were 43 red and white heifers

and an ass named Jenny on guard.

The sheep were escaping,

as fast as they could,

from any hole in the fence,

no matter how small they would.

The Borders were all barking,

and some making a tunnel,

it would be only minutes,

until they were out of their kennel.

Chris in his long underwear,

and I in my nightie,

had just settled down,

to watch some CBC.

Coronation Street was just over,

and Two And A Half Men was on,

I flicked the channel to see,

OLN talking about a fawn.

"How fitting," I thought,

watching the blurb about the deer

But the barking outside was worse,

So outside I went to place some fear.

The dogs they were crazy,

trying to get to the stock.

"That's enough you guys!"

I yelled as I did walk.

To the kennels I strode,

with my ears burning red.

"If I get my hands on you,

you will wish you were dead!"

When out of the corner

of my eye did I see,

a streak of something gray

running quickly to flee.

I knew right at that moment,

it was not my eye's trick

It was a big coyote,

God I wish I had a shooting stick!

He quickly glanced at me

with a glare in his eye

took one look at my hairy legs,

and turned tail and cried.

As he ran off to the north,

in the direction of McCord,

I yelled out after him

"I hope you get hit with a Ford!"

Merry Christmas All!

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  1. I can see small children everywhere repeating these lines. I think you have got a hit here. You have out done yourself!!!