Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday Was Passed Over

This Easter, I had planned to go out to my Mom and Dad's and have the traditional turkey+/or ham with the rest of the kin...well minus my brother Gary since he had to stay and work (good for him). Unfortunately, mother had another plan...mother nature that is. Apparently we had imported a snow storm from the States, and the duty is yet to be be paid. At least six inches of heavy snow decided to fall, and the wind decided to blow as well. Since one couldn't see their hand in front of their face, I decided I better not strike out for the homestead. I phoned my parent's house and my sister Sandy answered, and informed that there was no snow, and it was 16 C - darn near shorts weather. Perhaps the next day would make a better travelling day.
We are just beginning to calve, so Chris went out to check the cows with our nephew Jim (who had come down with Chris's mom with some farm equipment) - that turned out to be a short trip out, and it was decided that we stay inside for the day. The next day I woke up, still planning to get out to my parent's, and it looked promising, the sun was shining, and the blizzard seemed to have blown itself out (however, the wind was still blowing, since it seems it is the norm for these parts). A phone call to Mom decided my fate....the blizzard had moved and now was playing havoc in southeast Saskatchewan...Easter 2012 was to be spent at McCord, Saskatchewan, but still with family. Chris went out to check out on the calves in the morning, and it seemed as if the coyotes had an early Easter dinner - in all total, three baby calves were lost in the storm. Good Friday definitely was not a good Friday. We found some replacement calves (Jerry and Scotty the dairy calves and Jason the beef calf) to be placed in the barn with Little Orphan Andy - a lamb whose registered name is Whydidmymothergotitsup Andy.
The holiday was salvaged, spending a good visit with Chris's mom and nephew - I hope they didn't mind my Easter dinner - T-bone steak - perhaps it will be the new tradition.

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