Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bad Luck Runs Amock

I am not sure who made up the rule saying bad luck runs in threes, but this week the bad luck around the Hilltop Ranch was in multiple of threes. The first three came in the form of dead calves during the storm over Easter. With the help of cold weather, and the hungry bellies of coyotes, the calving season started on a Johnny Cash low note. After running around finding three new calves to put on cows, the barn was soon full of hungry calves, and cows signed up for the foster project. A few more days would roll by, and more things would happen....a calf with knuckled over legs, a few more calves who crossed over to the other side due to Wiley Coyote, a cow with big balloon tits (which would put Dolly Parton to shame), and twins with no mothers (which caused us to have extra calves around). Old Dolly Parton had quite a bubbly attitude... her rage did boil over. She turned into a cow in which the only way to move her to a corral was to run really fast in the direction of whatever corral you wanted her in, or sit on the safety of a horse and push her like a riot crowd...and when that failed to move her, the use of skid steer equipped with cage and roll bar. She turned out to be a dream...more of a nightmare really. McDonald's will be seeing her in a new McDolly this fall. Hot sauce not required.
To add insult to injury with all of the great things that occurred this past week, we also had a house with no water. There was a filter canister who decided to explode, thankfully happening while were were home so we could sop up the mess before it got too soggy. A few days would pass until a permanent fix could be done. Chris removed the culprit, and noticed the make of the filter.
Yes, the Trojan broke....there was no morning after pill available though...unless you regard Advil as the magic pill. When you are dealing with the Trojan Company, you should have a back up system...back it up, back it up, back it up.
With the Trojan gone, the water was restored...thankfully since earlier in the day I had removed the stinkiest (not that they ever smell nice) retained placenta in a cow - a fear factor type of smell. Ode d' rotten placenta. Skunks ran the other direction and I felt like I should roll on myself..... the dogs sure thought I was nice though.
As the bathtub drained, I said a prayer that the bad luck has gone down the drain as well.
I hoped we would get the luck of the Irish in the next week....or Portugese or Chinese...didn't matter what kind. One just has to note that the luck of the McCordian is not the best luck to have.

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