Sunday, August 26, 2012

How The West Was Won

So a leisurely morning was had for the day of the double lift at the Western Canadian Finals in Shaunovan.  After walking the dogs, there was breakfast for champions served at Jamie's  - this bed and breakfast has four stars (three when Earl from Vancouver leaves).  Chris got Jamie's horse Nickki all ready, since he was going to ride her and Rene LaBree was going to ride Dexter to help out with the double lift.  The morning started with the Nursery runs - and Cory Perry and Drift came out on top, with Louanne and Mack close on his heels for Reserve.  The wind was blasting from the west, and it would stay for the whole day.  Blast it anyways!  The morning started with Dale Montgomery and Zip laying down a 118 - placing the five collared girls in the pen.  His score would not be beat for a good part of the day - Chris Jobe and Fly, Jennifer Larivee and Mitch (who also ran nursery), Peter Gonnet and Jill (who apparently had a disaster according to the great announcer Art Unsworth - great going Art, Peter wanted to hang himself from a tree - but thankfully there were no trees around, so now he will take up quilting), Joanne Zoerb and Mick and Ian Zoerb and Freckles ran and it looked like Dale would blow (like the wind) the competition and win the Championships. During the day, I had popped into town to visit with Chris' Uncle Joe (whose real name is Francis, which causes slight confusion for those who know him as Francis - but he is not confused so that is all that matters) and asked him if he would like to come out and show off his new hip.  Regretfully he declined, not wanting to be showed up by Stormy Winters and his new hip.  I also stopped by the local pharmacy and picked up some medication for Louanne - guess she has acid problems since I picked up some gas reflux stuff for her - probably from the wine (okay, just joking, medication was for her dog - but I did she her pop a few pills that were meant for Meg - wonder if I should tell her they were for deworming?)  Another 50/50 raffle was done (Louanne and Norm had won the other two days) and the quilt was raffled off (now Cory will be very warm when has to sleep in the dog house).  Then there was Norm - my big buddy - Sommers and Lexi who came to the post and squeezed another point out of Joni Swanke the judge and got a 119 - after some defensive moves that maybe the Saskatchewan Roughriders should take note of at the shedding ring.  Then it was Gin and my turn.  Picture this, a wind blowing that could knock my butt over - now that is a wind!  After missing the fetch panels on the first lift (which was my fault - driver's error), Gin sort of did a swallow's tail - I think it was the wind that blew her off - and picked up the second lot of sheep - and missed those fetch panels as well.  In my head I knew it was over - but, I sure wasn't going to leave.  The drive was done (not too shabby) and the sort was to commence.  It did not sort out for me and Gin - there was a collared ewe that would rejoin several times with the others - and in our defence I will say it was because Gin couldn't hear me to cut than one off from the others, partly because of the wind, and partly because I had slightly lost my voice for yelling "Supper Time" the night before - at least that is the excuse I am making up.  Our run ended with us still at the shedding ring, and a resounding score of 90 - room to improve that is for sure.  Joann and Soot and Ian and Sam would finish off the day - and they would not be able to beat big buddy Norm and Lexi - they would win the whole kit (not kitten) and caboodle (and I have thus learned that this phrase came from the war time where the soldier would pack his whole kit and caboodle - thanks to Lisa Wright for this valuable information- but what the hell is a caboodle?).  Our score would put us in 7th position - guess it wasn't our time to peak - perhaps it will be Meeker?  Or maybe it would be during the Driving Competition - in which the provinces stack up their best driving dogs against one another.  It would be Jennifer Larivee and Mitch for BC, Joann Zoerb and Mik for Alberta and myself and Gin for Saskatchewan.  Once again, no peak for Gin and I - although a valiant effort was done - Joann and Mik took home the prize (but not literally since the trophy was still in BC in Nancy Stephens house).  Yes, hopefully our peak will be in a week's time - I guess there will be peaks of mountains to see.  Prizes were handed out and goodbyes said and the 2012 Western Canadian Finals/Shaunovan Classic was over.  Before we left Shaunovan, Chris and I went out for supper with the Zoerbs, Sommers, Harvey and Jamie, Chris Jobe, Courtney (who is now a new handler after buying Boone from Joann) and Earl...from Vancouver.  Chris and I headed off for home to McCord (not Neville, Art Unsworth, and her name is Joni, not Joanne).  This is Wendy....from McCord....signing off.  Stay tuned for the picture portion of the 2012 Western Canadian Finals.

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