Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tripping Out East

After our Hilltop Trial, I worked a few days (felt more like a respite), and then headed off to Regina after work to fly out to Ontario with Gin and Floss.  My nephew Adam was bachin' since the rest of the family went holidaying down south in South Dakota.  Adam had supper all ready for me and we caught up with his endeavors - which includes long distance running.  This kid runs over 100 km a week! Adam, for God's sake, they have invented cars you know!  The next morning I called a cab (and Abdul was afraid of dogs - great!) and got to the Regina Airport.  A flight out to Calgary, then a stop in Toronto and then finally to Ottawa and the Eastern Extravaganza was on its way!  I had come a week earlier to run at 80 Acres trial at Amanda's as well as the Canadian Championships that would be held at the Kingston Sheepdog Trials (my annual trip).
As ever, the trial host ensured everyone had coffee for the morning.  Cynthia Palmer showed the rest of us how to make perfect coffee.
Bev Lambert was trial organizer.  Being a retired librarian everything was organized...I do believe the Dewey System had a workout this weekend.
Don't make a librarian cross at you!
The guardian dogs tried to help during the trial. 
Patrick Shanahan was our judge for the weekend. 
It was a hot weekend, sweat poured over sweat.  Lee Lumb from B.C. had come out as well to become a shade holder.
There were long days ahead of us, but we all behaved and watched the trial.

Well, some of us behaved.
We took turns and helped set out.  Sue Shoen's daughter Emily was the important set out crew.
We didn't have to set out for long and backup would come and take over. 
Ooops - I meant this big white dog - John Palmer.
The scores would be high to win the first go round - Joni Swanke and Possum won with a 93.  By the time the first round was done I had walked off with Floss - first she crossed over, and then I used it as a training session, and then quickly ended that when she wouldn't listen.  With Gin, I had gone a bit too slow, getting a 73 without a shed and pen (so if I had them both flawlessly, we would have had a 93 as well - but then, we had a 100 points without an outrun, lift, fetch, drive, pen and shed - much better!)
When the day ended, I went to the 181st Napanee Fair. 

 I was staying with the Hales (whose daughter Chelsea made the signs above). Greg and Carolyn have had a bed for me for the past 6 years, and figured this year I would make time to check out the fair.  Their other daughter Laura is a type of girl that gets involved in all - and this year she entered many classes in the fair.

 Finding out she made well over $190 in prize money, I have decided maybe I would have better luck in attending fairs than running at dog trials.
We went through the rest of the fair, looking at all the entries.

Of course there was the midway.

And then there was the livestock.

I was on a rampage when I saw these "oxen".  One was a steer, one a heifer, and I knew oxen were steers.  I will apologize to the owners to this pair of oxen, heifers can indeed be part of an oxen team.  Mark this down in your calendars - Wendy Schmaltz was wrong.
There was also chickens to look at.

I thought I had a bad hair day!
Laura would finish her day showing her dairy calf - Chanel #5. 
But first, the very young dairy farmers would show their heifers.
Laura would show her heifer, and win her class.
In the back of mind I thought I should grab Laura for good luck - but since she had to go to the fair the next day, I left her at home.
The rest of the trial would continue, and we would all watch - trying to find that line.

I, being the chosen one, was able to get my fascinating fascinator - now, for those who do not know what that is, that is the fancy headwear worn by, most notably, the royal family.
Princess Kate, eat your heart out!
I ran Gin with style that day, but only got a 76 (pilot error with the drive panels).  After the day was done, a few of us went to supper in Kingston. 
Amanda and Monty eventually won the second go round with a 95.  They lost 5 points because Amanda wasn't wearing her fascinator.
The trial over, the next day I went to the fair again. 
This day I would witness the 4H club showing their best.

I would also witness the demolition derby.

It really reminded me of a Walmart on a Saturday afternoon.
Here is a part of the experience!
On a whim, I bought a 50/50 ticket.
And this little number won $1000!!!
With money in hand, I left the derby and made my way back to Kingston for the private screening of Away To Me - a movie made last year about sheepdogs and trialing - if you get a chance to watch it, do!  The members of the royal family were in attendance.
The first weekend over, now it was to get ready for the Kingston Trials. Preparation had to be done, liquor bought, places sourced out in case I had vehicle troubles and I wasn't able to drive at night. (Vehicle problems always happen when I go to the Kingston Sheepdog Trials - I should talk to Budget about that). 
Fun was still to be had!!

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