Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can We Top This?

Well, after a potlicker type of day, the third day of the extravaganza was yet to take place.  Yes, I was ready, surely the trial gods would not mock me yet a third day. Oh, but they can!  Yet another trip to the Dairy Queen for Floss (and the ice cream (ice queen) melted), and another few letters for Mitch for his alphabet type of weekend and I could sense once again, this wasn't going to be a great day. There was a glimmer of hope when I ran Gin - until I forgot how to shed, and the pen was a foreign concept to me - I do believe I got Hilltopped!  To have two potlicker days in a row - perhaps I should have bought a lottery ticket. A silent gather was done at the end of the day (by this time I was glad not to have to say anything), and the icing on the perverbial cake was placed on the day - yup, I seriously considered in taking up knitting.  Tabulations done, the top ten dogs for the double lift were determined.  Peter Gonnet had to be convinced to drive back after having left thinking he would not be getting into the fourth day.  Peter, would we play such a cruel joke to say you got in when you didn't - well yes, we would, but not on this day. 
Now, for some pictures of the day.
The fine details of dog trialing were explained to the spectators present.  The term "getting Hilltopped" will be in the new glossary in the near future.
The third day ended with a silent gather - I believe Joann Zoerb had to duct tape Ian's mouth closed for this event!
A potluck supper followed my potlicker day.

The handlers chowed down.
Awards were given out.
Dale showing off his Overall Open award for Ben.  
Stormy Winters stunned in winning overall Pro-Novice with Kate (just wait, he looks like that all of the time).
If your happy and you know it....
...clap your hands.
A few of the attentive judges that were there.  They were also attentive when they judged.
The potluck was done and bedtime came slightly earlier (because I collapsed and couldn't get up).  The next day would be the double lift - and there was much to do.  But I didn't plan for this.
It appeared something had its own potluck over the night.
We cleaned that up quickly, and Chris set off for work.
We had one more day of nursery runs, and I briefly thought I would pull Mitch out. I decided not to, placed on my crocks, put my cowboy hat on my head (which was kindly corrected by Peter since I had put it on backwards - come on, I was tired, give me a break) and set out to run Mitch.  I think the potlicker days were licked - I got a pen with Mitch.  Who would have thought?!?!  Perhaps I should run in my crocks from now on!  In the end, Norm Close won the day with his Craig, finishing second overall.  This guy called Scott Glen and Bliss won the whole kitten caboodle (what the hell is that anyways?)
Norm Close and I set up the double lift course, and jumped (okay, crawled slowly) onto Toad, my trusty steed, and set out to set out the first lot of sheep for all.  I did get some pictures that were taken by the talented Bev Sommer as she scribed for Norm Close (thanks Bev).
Dale and Ben's winning streak would end - (oh, yeah, Dale, can a borrow a couple of bucks since you won the Calgary Stampede?  I also hear he is going to judge it next year to give the rest of us a chance).
Peter and Taff ended up second with a score of 143.  Now aren't you glad you came back Peter?
Scott and Don would run a score of 150 and win the kitten caboodle (once again, what the hell is that!)
The day ended off with a driving competition.  Bev and Jock did a grand job!
Norm and Lexi would win it, and wait for it.....Floss won second (by 2 points down).  Now, if a certain dog by the name of Creed did not hear my whistles and start heading to the sheep, causing Chris to whistle, and then cause Floss to take his whistle, which had a direct negative effect on the sheep and their direction, I could have been a little bit richer.  Ah well, how do they say, that's dog trialing!
The stragglers at the end of the trial.
The pen of death would be defeated.
And, that was the end of the trial. (thanks J. Glen for picture)
Since we were in our garb, I asked Jenny to take a picture of Chris and I for our Christmas photo.
  Merry Christmas!  Only 150 days left before Christmas. (Okay, I digress, but it is 3 am in the morning as I am writing this, and my coffee is cold).
We got a few chores done, and then it was time to relax.  Being a hot weekend, all the ice melted (okay, I lied, I forgot to get some).  Chris, desperately for a drink (Chris Jobe that is), got her ice.  Chris (my Chris) - the host with the most (but least hair), made the ice. 
Step 1 - smash frozen water bottle on cement.
 Step 2.  Carve the end off. (as an aside, look at his Hawaii shirt - I heard him humming Some Beach, Some Where at the setout).
 Step 3. Place in bowl.
 Step 4. Enjoy!
I won't lie, we were dog tired. And so were our dogs.

By all accounts, everyone enjoyed the first Annual Hilltop Sheepdog Trial held in sunny McCord, Saskatchewan (did I say Annual - I must be nuts!)  Go ahead, mark it on your calendars.  Bet you can be Hilltopped and still smile about it - I am! 


  1. I really love your blog! Your stories are great, and I wish I had your sense of humor! Sounds like a TOUGH trial!

  2. Sounds like it was a gooder' Wendy! Next year I am looking forward to the adventures. Well done and all your hard work is appreciated.