Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting Ready For A Party

One would have thought the extravaganza in Alberta consisting of all the trials I went to would have classified itself a party in itself.  That my friends, was just a taste of what I have up my sleeve - the Alberta trip was just a practice type of endeavour, the major partying is yet to ensue.
The party where everyone is invited to is the Hilltop Stockdog Trial (and Hilltop Arena Trial, and Hilltop Cattle Trial) - the first time that the Triple Crown will all will be in one place. Now, in the early years (7 years ago to be in fact), we had a sheep field trial outside of Irricana, then a cattle trial at Airdrie (at Thorlakson's), and then an arena trial in Irricana, another year we had the cattle trial in Olds, and the field trial in Rockyford.  All that we were missing was the elephants for the circus we put on.  This year, for once, everything will be in one spot - like one stop shopping really.  But before we can get this going off the ground, there was some cleanup things to do.  I had high hopes of a grand garden this year - I did not know that portulaca could grow so fast!  I spent several nights removing the weeds, and found my crispy cucumbers (crispy since the sun cooked them), my tiny tomatoes, spindly carrots, lucky (to be alive) lettuce, going to seed spinach, squashed (but not quite dead) squash and my (barely) surviving swiss chard.  No awards will be won this year, but a valiant effort was made. 
Cleanup number two job was to rid ourselves of some vermin - I should have taken a picture- I am sorry, but the Annie Oakely in me had enough of Mrs. Racoon - one morning she must have brought her teenagers for a later breakfast, since I found them all in the shed, with ripped dog food everywhere.  Four shots rang out, and five bodies fell (yes, I am that good).  That was not the only vermin to get rid of.  Dora the Explorer had become the home of Mickey Mouse and his extended family.  I do believe they are all gone now...14 trapped.  I cleaned my poor little Dora and found the empty mouse nest - next to the jack of all things (the jack for the tires, not the Jack Russells).  Now she is more sparkling clean on the inside - also cleaned was the pounds of dust that was inside her due to the broken back window she had received on our way home.  Glass insurance has now been purchased.
I won't say that I have been a little disappointed in the numbers for the trial, but for those that are coming, a grand time will be held.  Signs have been posted (and re-posted - apparently some people like taking the posters so they don't forget about things) in all the post offices, and there should be a number of spectators for this weekend.  Today, I set up the course, bring your big girl panties competitors, it won't be a walk in Grasslands park!
As I was taking a picture, I caught something from the corner of my eye.
I was quite happy I was in the Gator when I saw his face.
I quickly went back and got my gun, but Mr. Badger had left the premises.
Man, with all the quarry I have in my back yard, I could get a hunting certificate on all my Jack Russells - a bronze medallion in an afternoon (for the non-JRT people, this is hunting three different species with the same dog).  I will have to check my calendar and see if I have time to do that.
And for those who think I sit around and eat bonbons all day - take a look....
....there they are - blisters.  As Chris says, only soft people get blisters.
I do believe I am getting harder.
Only a few more days left and the party will begin - few more things to do, one being to clean the house, but that will be the last of the things to be done.
I will also clean up the liqour cabinet, but I can do that during the trial.  

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