Friday, July 27, 2012

Cowboy Up!!

Big girl panties on now....the first day of Hilltop Trial has been completed, and some should have possibly worn Depends - some for laughing until they peed themselves, and others for crapping their pants when the sheep had their way with them.  You know the sheep are winning when a score of 24 puts you in the top half of a class. 
I guess I had better start at the beginning.  After a couple of weeks of getting the trial ready - hay made and moved off, lawn mowed, prizes all obtained, making the running order, re-making the running order, re-making the running order again, the day was upon us and the Hilltop Trial was in full swing.  The last 24 hours was a blur - perhaps I should go to the optometrist!  The last thing I did before my head hit the pillow was to watch Coronation Street, and make sure we had enough steak for supper the next night for the judges.  Five-thirty in the morning came pretty early (that in itself is obvious), and last minute touches were done.  Knowing that Kingston has always dolled up their pen with flowers, I thought I would do the same with our pen.  Alas, the sheep ate all the flowers, so old Ferninad would have to do - he did not complain.
As some called it, it has been known the pen of death - the sheep would not be caught dead going into it.  Although the handler's died trying.
Chris got the flock of Ramboullets and made sure he had a good crew to help.  Scott and Fiona.
We all got together for a quick handler's meeting with Dale Montgomery - 11 minutes, back two on the head, pen. 
Some of us prayed, like Jennifer Glen. 
I had a little spiel said, and the Italian in me came out-Mamma Mia!

Cowboy up, this was going to be a ride!
I started out the trial with Floss, and in the end, a score of 47 wouldn't be all that bad.  As the day wore on, things would become even more western!
(don't worry, no animals were hurt in the making of this blog.)
All the handlers were in the same boat, hiking up their Depends, and seeing what the sheep gods would dish out.  I believe lamb stew should be served.
The water cooler would be a popular site during the day.
The day went by, and like all fun trials - bantering was done.  It was soon to be seen that the drive panels were going to be missed.  Peter Gonnet was heard to say (although he denies this - perhaps Pam should get him checked out) that he would give $50 to the first guy to make the drive panels.  However, full disclosure was not done.  I was running Floss in the Pro-Novice - and...yes, I am as suprised as many...she made the panels!  That 50 dollar bill soon melted when Floss flossed her teeth.  Bad doggy, no buscuit!
Apparently I had promised $50 for the first pen (since that obstacle was being a big obstacle).  The famous Ian Zoerb got her done with Zen. That was all you needed - some meditation.
The day went by, and we discussed the finer we didn't.  Really it is like a family reunion of sorts.
One by one the dogs came and went.

And one by one, the sheep came and went.
Perhaps with a good sleep, their frame of mind will be better tomorrow. 
We got done, and Chris and I made supper (with the spectacular help from Jaimie VanRhyn) for the judges of the trial - Dale Montgomery, Scott (and Jenny) Glen, Peter Gonnet and Chris Jobe.  Corey Perry was on route, and would be here the next day to judge.  I think he may sharpen a pencil - lots of lead is left on the paper after a run.
Whoever said dog trialing was easy must have been on bad crack (and remember kids, say no to crack - pull up those pants!)

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