Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Driving The Wheels Off Of Dora.

Dora the Explorer was really tired this weekend.  On Friday, I headed up to Regina to stay with my sister's on route to Saskatoon.  I had a thought that I would leave on the Saturday morning, but I suppose someone was looking out for me, since on the way to Regina, a tire was blown out, and a nice Saskatchewan resident (they are all nice) stopped to help me on the side of the road.  We both swore at the lovely jack system that Ford supplies-we were both getting jacked up about it- and soon the spare was put on.  I made it to Assiniboia to the tire shop at 5:29 and luckily they had a few new tires for me to by - new shoes for Dora!  I made the rest of the way to my sister Sharon's and brought the cargo into her house- Flynn the border collie was going to go to Saskatoon the next day.  There was another reason for the Saskatoon trip - an important meeting with the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association.  Flynn was dropped off, and the meeting took place.  Now for those who don't know what the meeting was about, I would ask - why aren't you a regular reader to this blog, and then I would direct you to past blogs to get you up to speed.  This meeting was only a first, and there are bound to be more to come, but the fact I sang to the radio coming home told me that I felt things went well. 
We drove home (Dora and me), and got ready for the next trip - back to Regina the next day for Pet Expo.  The cargo was loaded up, and a moment of deja vu happened as I drove the next day.  Bev Sommer was supposed to come to help me at Pet Expo, but she too had the Flat Tire Gods lurking about, and they succeeded in grounding her.  There was only a few things to set up at the event.
The sign for the upcoming Western Canadian Finals and Canadian Border Collie Association Championships was out for all to see.  Soon they will be seen at a road near you (that is if you live in Southern Saskatchewan).
The Serta sheep were resting for their show.  I felt sorry for the tupperware lady beside me since a distinct Ode d'la Ovine was in the air.
Then it was show time!
I had pretty good crowds and I think I got some interest piqued about the trials as I worked Gin and Floss with the lambs.  Serta(inly) there would be spectators because of Pet Expo.

 I even showed them a brace demonstration -
By the end of the day, the sheep knew the drill. 
The sheep had more fans than the dogs.
There was another demo with the Regina Canine Unit - burglars beware, this member of the force will catch their man and not let go!
Nein!  Nein!  Perhaps you don't understand German, how about "Let go you SOB!!"
 The day was over, and the circus was packed up to go back home.
The sheep had seen the bright city lights of Regina, they would return home to see the bright stars of McCord. 

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