Friday, June 14, 2013

Cowboy Up!

Due to difficulties (in myself getting the time to create a blog entry), the regular program has delayed.  We now invite you to go back in time (only 3 weeks ago) to experience the Dean Anthony Memorial Rodeo in Mankota, Saskatchewan.
The rodeo is an anticipated event for the community - everyone comes out to help put on this class 1 event.  
Spectators watch from their vehicles on the terraced parking.  The rain gods stayed away this weekend, since often it is more like a mud bath occurring during the rodeo than a dust bath.
Everyone comes to watch.  You can choose to sit in the comfort in your vehicle....

....or the comfort on your backside on the grass.

Porky the pig came out to enjoy the events. 
Some of the stars of the show.

Before the rodeo started, I was asked to do a stockdog demo.  (The rest of the pictures is by Kyla Kohl - our resident photographer- I love her use of shading, but I wish she could have shaded a few pounds off my carcass.)
I did my spiel about the use of a good stockdog.

The dogs showed them how things were dong.
After the demo, the rodeo began.
Gripping on for dear life.
This guy looks like he is riding a rocking horse.
The pick up guys (for those of you not familiar with rodeos, this has nothing to do with pickup trucks.)
Calf roping....oops, I mean tie-down roping.  Lets call a spade a spade eh?  Or should we call it a blunt digging tool?
What would possess a guy to jump off a perfectly good horse?
The team ropers.
The can chasers (aka barrel racers).
Some awards were given out - this fellow was given an old card...or maybe that was a gold card.  I think it allows him to get into any senior citizen's whist game for nothing.
Always some clowning around to do.
Up and coming bull riders.
The real McCoy.
Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.  They may get into a situation like this.
Now, not to be outdone by Kyla, I did my my own photos for some Kodak moments.
This is just another angle of the photo from Kyla - a zoom would have helped to show the fellow's "What the hell was I thinking!" face.
 This fellow is praying the horse doesn't step on his hat.
 Calf roping...oops, when will I learn...tie down roping.
 The little cowboys

 The important people behind the sidelines.  The whole community comes and supports this event - without them, there would be no rodeo.
 Jumping off of running horses.
 Careful where you put that foot please.
 Run Forrest, run!

 More cogs of the wheel.
 Ride'm cowboy!
Horse 1 - Cowboy 0
Sticking on!
 Whoa big feller!
 I said WHOA!!
 Some bullshit.
 Ready, set, GO!
 Waiting for their mounts.
The mounts.
The mounters.
 The Mountain.
 The nuts behind the operation.
Kyla checking out picture 541 of 2300. 
The stands were full of spectators.
 Idle hands they were not.
 The scary sheep for the children to ride.

 Excuse me bull, may I wipe the snot from your nose?
 Taking off Ferninad's belts.
 Good hands.
 Viewing from the lounge.  This watering hold was visited regularly.
 Waiting patiently for their turn.
 Roping dummies.
 The pickup guys.
 I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.
 Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

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