Saturday, January 10, 2015

How Many Hats Do You Have?

Another year, another 365 days which has passed.  New Years for me was bringing it in by drinking some liquor with gold in it.  For the amount drunk, I should have passed a pretty fair nugget....but alas, I only nearly passed out.
The previous 365 days were filled with the normal going ons - being a vet, being a wife, being a shepherdess, being a dog trainer, being a dog trialler, being  a daughter, being a closet is full of many hats.  
The hats will be continued to be wore in 2015, I hope to wear the dog trainer hat a little more often this year, as well as the dog trialing hat - but time will tell.  In a week we will go to the Denver Stock Show, and we also includes Chris.  We are going to bring some Karma along as well....she is a 18 month old Great Pyranese that will chase some USA Coyotae ass.  Some people go to Mexico for a holiday, we go to a dog trial...and I would not have it any other way.  Especially the way I look in a bathing suit, it is more appealing to the eye that I wear a big Carhart on our holiday.  I will have to put on a cooking hat when the big McCord suppers take place (I am on the February 9th supper, count yourself warned). The lambing hat will have to be placed on in March and April, and may have to buy two of those since the first one may be worn out by ewe number 300.  The trial hat will be worn throughout the year many times -there will be the Clock, Stock and Barrel in April to play at, and I hear the grass in Kentucky calling my name, and hope  to make a trek out to the Bluegrass this May. The trial hat will be worn several times throughout the year, and one place I really would like to wear it is in California for the USBCHA Finals.   Of course before this there will be calving, and shearing...have to find those hats as well.  With June, there are brandings to help out with, so yet another hat.  The Calgary Stampede in July will have it's own hat as well ...a Stetson.  The trial organizer hat will have to come out soon as well, for our trial in August.  The socialization hat will no doubt be out, that one is shaped as a lampshade.  The vet hat will have to come out as well to pay for the rest of the hats.  Towards the end of the year, the Santa hat will be worn as well, ready to cause fear in any child less than 3 years of age.
An old hat that has been lost in the closet for the last year is the writing hat....I have dusted it off.  I am hoping it still fits well.  
I think life can be measured in the amount of caps one has.  My closet is overflowing.

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