Monday, January 12, 2015

Let Them Be Free

Thank God for Facebook, I have learned so much over the time I have been on it.  Vast knowledge can be found - from near and far. 
Most recently, I have learned that organic means increased welfare to animals.  I think this applies only to the bugs though, since gallons of apple vinegar and truckloads of diatomaceous earth (which probably is eating up the ozone layer because of the carbon footprint of the semis used to move these natural insecticides) has no more effect on parasites than me stopping a raging bull by spitting in its face.  Word of warning, don't try it, it only pisses them off.
Shearing of sheep is stressful to sheep.  Did you know it is inhumane to shear them?  It is best to keep the wool on...that 200 pounds of wool that Shaun the Sheep has after 4 years is okay, they will not be cold in the winter...and think of the wildlife that could burrow into the wool and make their own habitat.  Like chipmunks and feral cats.
Dairy cows should be allowed to run free.  Open up the barn doors and let them go.  So what if it is -40 C outside...they will be much happier in the wild.  Some people make a stand and drink almond milk...but is this not inhumane.  The cry of an almond being crushed is not a nice sound.
Unless your dog food bag has a picture of a fresh vegetables and fruit on it, as well as a picture of a nice picture of a leg of chicken, don't purchase it.  In fact, do a raw diet, and bring our furry friends closer to their natural diet.   I do this for my fur children, the circle of life has brought them a lot of raw food in the form of old cow #61.
I have also learned that a dog is not happy unless it is curled up on your couch.  In fact, you should be investigated by the SPCA if your pooch does not have it's own couch.  It's okay to have the homeless people out sleeping in doorways, but don't be caught allowing your dog to sleep outside in a may be drawn and quartered.  Bring that dog inside, and let the homeless sleep in the doghouse....they both will be happier.
Be sure you eat A&W burgers, they don't have added hormones, and their chickens are not fed any animal by products. I think also the chickens run freely outside and ride on the backs of the calves lying in the grass.  Yeah, that would be a good poster for A&W.
Well back to Facebook I will go, and see if I can get anymore smarter than I am already, and maybe spread some information on my own. 
I would like this.


  1. Haha ha

    Facebook is good for spreading stupidity, drama and cat videos. That's about it. Lol

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