Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking For A Home For 300 Cows

Not a small feat, in fact, if you want to count, it is over 1200 feet we have to find a home for. I took this first week in the new year to check out some places. One potential place is down in Mankota - yes, close the the Dakotas. Won't see much but snow, but hopefully will get a feel on how a cattle rancher will work things out there. If we pick this place, we will be neighbors to the famous Stormy Winters. There is also a place near Big Beaver I would like to see - not sure if there is any big beavers there, but the population is 15 (at least in 2006). Mankota boasts 238 people - party town. Hanley (pop 510) - which is south of Saskatoon, will also be given a once over. This place is in the populated area of Saskatchewan, but one has to remember, there is just over 1 million in all of the province, and Calgary has over 1 million people - so populated is a very relative term. I will try to take some pictures and post them when I get home. Perhaps I will let the masses decide where we should go, since the decision is causing more grey hair to pop, and more hair that is lost.


  1. But but what about the Irricana trial..why is everyone going so far away?

  2. Don't worry - might be a year or two, but our trial will go again. We are just spreading this sport out that is all!