Sunday, January 16, 2011

Other Things To Keep My Mind Busy

Along with the impeding move, another adventure is underway for myself. One of my goals with the trialing addiction was to go to as many different trials as possible. Three years ago, the circus was taken on the road to Kingston, Ontario for the Kingston Sheepdog Trial - and I have gone every year since. Seeing different people and watching different dogs is what it is all about. Airplane travel isn't that stressful with the dogs, but you always have to be on your toes. That was learned the hard way when another big trip to Virginia in the fall with the dogs was a bit rocky when we missed our flight. Then of course, there was the big tadoo to bring Gin back home from Virginia - her being left to get bred - to which that job didn't get done because she didn't cycle. Lots of learning was done. Call it continuing education if you like. Now I am looking forward to the trials in this year. Louanne Twa and myself are going to take a trek out to the Bluegrass this May in Kentucky-we'll fly to Chicago and drive the rest of the way. We will be sure not to take the off-ramp into Harlem, we'll just stay in the center lane of the 6 lane expressway. Would like to take a couple of the dogs, Gin will go, and maybe if I can get some training on Floss she will come along as well. Time will tell. The other trials I am planning to get to are the North Dakota trials in June, the Kingston Trial in August, the Western Canadians and the Canadians in Kamloops at the end of August, and ...get this....the Worlds in England in September. What the heck, only live once right? Got word from the CBCA that we are allowed to go - guess there wasn't a lot of people chomping at the bit to go. Kathy Keats and Mary Lou Campbell are the others planning to go. So now it is getting all the ducks in a row 6 months plus in advance. Rabies titres, entry forms, booking places to work dogs, and booking tickets. We have gone to England a few times before, and have brought dogs back over, but this is new ground for me. Always have to have a new chapter to put into my memoirs, and this year will be a big chapter.


  1. Just like Thelma and Louise. Minus the killing and driving off a cliff. But with lots of Brad Pitt

  2. If we start collecting for the bail money now, do you think we will have enough? :)

  3. Maybe enough for one of us only!