Thursday, January 20, 2011

Windy Trip

Today I took a quick trip down to Scott and Jenny's for Gin to have a rendevous with Don. I heard on the news that there were gusts up to 130km per hour - which would explain the multiple number of vehicles in the ditch upside down. I wish I had my camera with me as I drove up to the Glen residence - there was Scott in the field, and if one didn't know it, you would have thought he was by himself - but through the drifting snow you could see the shadows of sheep and a dog coming towards him. My immediate thought was - this would definitely help train a dog to hear - a pretty good return for the windblown hair look (or lack of it, depend whose hair you are talking about).
A couple of coffees later, I struck out for home, leaving Gin behind. Hearing Jenny talk about the Don pups that are out already, and having a conversation with Grant Musgrove, I am having pretty high hopes on these pups. Of course, this is counting the chickens before the eggs. Perhaps she will ovulate 5 eggs, a nice number. Or maybe half a dozen.
I have a few days off before I work again, so I would like to put the young dogs through some paces. If only we had a wide open space - at the moment there are drifts everywhere. Oh, I can't wait for spring!

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  1. Great description of Scott at work! Hope it all works out with Gin and Don (I am superstitious about saying too much ahead of time...)