Friday, January 13, 2012

Am I Becoming A Hoarder?

Once in awhile I count the number of mouths that have to be fed on the ponderosa - some have smaller mouths than others, but they all have to be fed. In November we had a grand total of 20 Border Collie pups, 10 Border Collies and 7 Jack Russells. Not sure what I was thinking having litters in the winter, but the litters have since grown up, and some have found their new homes. In the dwindling numbers, I found a home for Jack Russell Tessa (who if you are a regular reader to this blog, went to Jenny Craig this fall and slimmed down to her regular weight), and will have to find a home for Jack Russell Yola (since she has found a liking to chasing, and actually catching my sheep and maiming them - she must go before I maim her). Several of the pups have left, but in the mathematical equation, there are two 4 month old (which makes an 8 month old between the two of them as they start bugging the ewes-lines are now being drawn, which means they are dragging lines), and six 2 month olds (which again equals to 12 months as they find their way out of their jail every day). In a day, we will be 2 less of these little buggers, and waiting for another one for their new home to pick him up, which will leave me three, more manageable tykes to teach their names.

But then there is this midget in the midst of things as well.

I call him Jesus - because when he was born I said, "For Christ Sake!" I certainly don't want the dog catcher of McCord to pay me a visit, although I am sure my native name is being well known throughout the community - Wendy Many Dogs (and on some occasions, Wendy Many F----- Dogs). Perhaps you will see me on an upcoming episode of Hoarders - Buried Alive (by the Jack Russells).

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