Monday, January 16, 2012


Knowing it was going to be cold overnight, we moved a few ewes ready to pop into the barn. In the night we had 4 more lambs - two born outside (I guess the Scotties were closer than we thought) and two born inside. Little Gertie here, she was the lucky one to be born in the barn, but yet, the -25 C was able to penetrate through the barn and freeze her legs.

So she came in for a short spa stay.

First a nice warm bath to warm up those bones (and hocks, and ankles) and a drink of Chia Colostrum to warm the cockles of the heart.

She was waited on by the spa's seasoned help.
A good stretch and things got moving again.

Gertie, you haven't looked so good!

The watchful help was there to dote on her every need.

All this and a facial!

Tell your friends - the Lamb Inn is a great place to rejuvenate!