Sunday, January 22, 2012

Having Sheepish Thoughts

We have been regular sheep farmers around these parts.

The last week, it had been quite cold (putting it mildly), and most of the youngsters saw the world first in the barn. As it got warmer, the big outdoors became their new home.
There is quite a few left to lamb - perhaps they are waiting for nicer days - I know I would appreciate it!

Big old Daddeeoo is quite proud of his harem.

Who's your Daddy?

These days are full of lounging around...

...going to the snack bar.....

....and when you want to call on a friend....

...they come a running.

No matter who they are!


  1. First time to visit your blog...we love it so much were going to follow along!

  2. Nice horns on the ram! Is that the one from Jill ?

  3. Nice bunch of lambs. What kind of sheep are you raising?

  4. I quite like my Scottish Blackface - and Big Daddeeo came from BC. Actually have two of them. Probably will keep them for a crook later on!