Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Year Gone By The Wayside

2012, there it is, done...over with...finito.
The year seemed to have gone by in blistering speed - and along the way was blisters on the feet from all the running around we had done.
From travelling to dog trials held across North America - Bowman, Drayton Valley, Bowden, Olds, Calgary, Kingston, Meeker, Shaunovan, Klamath Falls, Edmonton, Regina- to hosting a trial in our backyard in McCord - some of the year literally went to the dogs.
 Other times of the year was spend with friends and family - whether that was to celebrate a marriage, birthday, anniversary, birth - and even a life.
Then there were the other times of the year - the yearly progress of babies in the spring,
 shearing sheep, moving out to pasture,
 and finally the trip to the market.
As we travel our way out of 2012, we hope that all our friends and family have great prosperity in 2013.
I just hope it doesn't take me until April to remember to put 2012, oops I mean 2013 on cheques.

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  1. Give us a new post for the first month of the year, please!