Sunday, January 6, 2013

The First Week Of 2013

The first week of January is over with, and with it, the Christmas season is over - the roads are seen with trucks filled with Christmas trees, and the occasional ditch with a tree (obviously not thrown out by tree huggers, since they would be with the tree in the ditch-although it would be nice to seen them thrown out as well).  The Ukrainians have finished their Christmas today, donning their rubber boots for the season.  All we have to wait for now- is the Chinese New Year (that will be February 10th) and celebrate with the snake - and this could be with snakes if that is the type of crowd you hang around with.
My first week of 2013 turned to be slightly busy - taking inventory at work - I'd fall asleep at night counting pills not sheep-perhaps I should have taken a sleeping pill - but then I would have to recount those as well. On the weekend, a quick trip was made to Alberta - a whirlwind, 48 hour trip.   First of all, a couple of Jack Russell pups named Murano (or Murray) and Kaslo made the trip with me to find their new home- another crazy household was created.   Floss was dropped off at Don Grant's for a visit with Ky (Gin and Don's prodigal son), and I brought Kelly (Ky's younger sister) and Nan, to the famous Dye residence in Bowden.  I got there in time for supper, but a little excitement was to be had prior to any supper.  I let the two dogs out at Eagle Creek, and let them stretch their legs...Kelly, however, decided to stretch her legs a slight too much.  I had asked her to jump back into the truck, but she had different thoughts, and she scooted off towards the bush when she decided myself calling her name meant to run as fast as you can in the other direction.  I went into to announce my arrival - placing a bottle of rye on the Dye's counter and finally spitting out that I had just lost my dog.  Randy (who had originally had Kelly for the first 8 months of her life) got on his quad, with the hopes of sucking her out.  I sucked wind as I rode with Randy on the quad, hoping I wouldn't fall off.  I do believe Randy may have a slight loss of hearing for the screaming I was doing as he was driving.  Lisa Wright was also there, and she came out, and a track was found - and this was known to be true since Kelly was dragging a line from her collar - it was a new episode of Dogtracker - the guide and his apprentice was on their way to finding my hound.  After trudging in the bush,  it looked as if Kelly was making her way to the road, so Lisa and I planned to jump into her truck and meet Randy at the road - but lo and behold who does appear but Kelly - asking"Where are you guys going without me?".   She was quickly put away with a loving pat (no truly!) and supper was had...and a tranquilizer (aka Caesar).  After supper, we went out and did a little dog training - yes, even Kelly was removed out of purgatory.  She seemed to forget everything that bothered her and make the Barbados sheep wish they were back on their homeland.  Kelly's brother, Flinty McGinty (the famous radish eating dog) also showed his prowess in moving ovine.  The other young dogs, Nan (mine) and Gyp (Lisa's) were put on the sheep - and moments of brilliance were seen. For the newbie people training their new dogs, if someone says your dog is pretty, it actually  is code for - what a piece of crap!  We agreed our dogs were pretty ugly.
After the training night, we ended off with a night cap - well, okay, a few night caps. 
The Alberta Experience would continue in about 8 hours.  Please stay tuned.

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