Friday, January 25, 2013

Challenging Times

I would like to say I am not afraid to try new things - I am pretty bold and if I haven't done something before, I will try my best to accomplish the task, no matter how much sweat comes off my brow.
McCord has weekly community suppers in the winter, and I (now being a part of the bigger community ladies group - yeah, I'm a lady) would be in charge in making a few pies to feed the hoards of people who come in the Friday to have a scrumptious meal ($10 - where can you find that deal?!).
I have not been much of a baker, so the thought of making pies led me to many nights of no sleep.
But soon the day would arrive when I could not dismiss it anymore.  For those of you who are afraid to cook....I feel your pain.
First it was gathering the eggs for the very detailed recipe.  Not much of a pain in the ass to get (unless, you are the hen who laid them).
 Next it was reading the recipe over and over, making sure all my ingredients (eggs and water) were close at hand. 
 Then slaving over the stove (when bubble happen, stir for 30 seconds).  It is about then when I remembered I would have to get the pie shell ready.
 Whew, just in the nick of time. Quite a difficult crust to make - really hard to get everything even along the edges.
 And with another mixing and whipping of egg whites (takes culinary moves to separate the whites from the yolks), meringue was put on top and popped in the oven.  Voila!
Amazing, I do have the ability to make the pie - the hardest thing there was to do was to read the directions (seems to be that my eyes are not focusing like they used to - and no, I was not drinking while I was baking).
Fearful bakers unite - you to can create a culinary creation (thanks to Shirriff and Ready Crust).

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