Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Am Seeing Spots In Front Of My Eyes

When I first got Gin, lots of people thought she was a blue heeler cross because of all her speckling.  I personally thought she was part dingo.
Now Gin has only been a mother four times in her life- and one thing is for certain, she has put her mark on a lot of her offspring -in looks and in attitude. 
 This is Millie from her first litter -working sheep.
This is Millie's brother Tim - I do believe his ears stand up.
 The amazing Mikey (I think he got more of the ear gene than dot gene).
This is Ky -Mike's bro.  If it wasn't for his testicles, he is Gin all over.
 Kelly is another cookie cutter of Gin. 
 Flinty McGinty. 
Flint was developed on a raw food diet - apparently that includes his own foot.
Take away the rough coat, and who do we have....yes, Gin('s daughter Alice).
Where did the dots come from?  Well here is Jill, who is a cousin to Gin - notice her dots.
Here is Gyp, Gin's mother (and grandson Gus, but he looks more like his father than his mother).  Yup, I do believe the dots came from the maternal line.
So here we wait, waiting for the dots to surface. 
 By rights, I should call this one Dot, or Spot.
But the verdict is still out.
I may call her Esther (hopefully not the Molester).
Or maybe Fleet...or Flei...or Flo.
Heck, I don't know.
But I should be able to spot her on the field.


  1. Grandbaby, Try, has only a few spots but he has his grandmother's head. We are all hoping he gets his grandmother's ears too.

  2. Oops - should have put his sister Sal in here - she has the spots.