Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stay Out Of The Kitchen Or You Might Get Burned....

...or you may have to peel some more potatoes.
You know the adage "To many cooks can spoil the broth", well this saying fits in many situations whereby the situation calls for organization of an event.  Now, I have done many trials, and events over the years-in high school I helped put on a magic show - magically it went off without any heads rolling (even though he did have that box that cut up people), when I was involved in the Jack Russell world, I put on many trials - including the Western Canadians.  Now that I am spending my pewter years (those are the years before the golden ones start) involved with border collies, I have put on quite a number of trials - from our own trials, to the Canadians/Western Canadians in Okotoks, Alberta in 2009, and the same event will occur this year in Mankota.
One thing I have learned with doing events, is that many hands make light work, but that work must be designated, so that 1.things are not done over twice and 2.the cooks doing the work don't get into a spoon fight, or cause the soup to boil over, or make a soup so distasteful that no guest will ever come again.  One of the big things that has to occur for a trial is to secure a judge - and it is best for this to be a one person job - you don't get the he said/she said type of thing that happens with multiple conversations, and you can talk directly to the horse to get the information.
Last time I checked, I could talk clearly on the phone, and people could understand me, so it behooves me why a person would take initiative and make plans about a judge without telling the person in charge obtaining the judge - namely me.  All that happens is that I look like a total ass for not having all the information needed for making important decisions-decisions based on budgets and timing.  Please don't take it wrong, help is very important to put on a trial - and I won't say no to help, but I have a list which says who will do what, so that toes are not stepped on. 
I just had a pedicure done, I really don't want the nail polish scuffed up.

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