Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This Cracks Me Up

Early on this month, the famous Randy Dye showed us his fancy chicken coop.
 These Barred Rock loved their pad, so much that they spent more time laying around than laying eggs.
 Now, we have a chicken house, not as nicely painted as Randy's, but it does the job.
 It is perhaps the strength of this mighty rooster in the center that keeps everyone in check.  His name is Rob. 
 He and Leggy Leghorn has a firm understanding...he is the boss.  And behind every leader is their spouse - notice Chris the wife in the background.  I imagine like many husbands he is henpecked.

Rob ensures that the girls on the line get to work every morning.
His wife Chris is the floor supervisor.
On this particular day, out of 10 working girls there were 11 eggs.  I am sure that is a record in some book.
Randy, if you would like Rob to work at your penthouse, let him know.  He works for chicken feed.

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