Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Glorified Butcher

Today was full of blood and guts.  No, the Jack Russells have been behaving - there has been no murders done by them these days.  And the young border collies are behaving quite nicely - no ravaging of the sheep has been done.  The murder scene was seen at work today.  Not only do I get to chop the heads off of cows, but occasionally I get to take the eyeballs out of cows.  You see, some cows develop cancer around their eye, and in order for them to remain comfortable, I do delicate surgery to remove the bad tissue.  Okay, in reality, it is a glorified butcher job - only this butcher uses freezing instead of a freezer. 
Not only did I take one eye out, I took three eyes out-three cows owned by one rancher (Did I really have to do the math for you?   Surely nobody thought I took both eyes out of one cow, or that there are three eyed cows!).  The blind bovidae kept coming and coming -I wondered if there was no end in sight.  In the end, three cows did not have sight in one eye.  It looks as if they will have a pain free winter - the pain will be trying to herd these girls- especially since among the three of them, there isn't one right eye - just left ones.  You see?
Oh, and the guts to this story - sometimes you have to have the guts to remove the most foul smelling material from the uterus of a cow just before supper.
You didn't see that coming did you?

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