Sunday, January 13, 2013

Can You Get Out Of My Sandbox!

As years pass, the size of the sandbox gets bigger.  You remember - there were kids who would hog all the toys, not share with everyone, make a big scene if someone tried to borrow their Tonka truck.  Then there were the kids who would be the tattle tale - tell everyone within the sandbox and out - maybe even to the higher in charge people, like Mom. Some of those kids even made up stories to get a rise out of the other - stirring the pot of sand.  How about those kids who would suck up to those who had bigger, better toys - and those that had all the fancy toys would usually have quite a following, all ready to beat up the next kid if they dissed their sand god.  There were also the kids who sat there, minded their own business, didn't make any noise about anything - but if someone needed a shovel to make a hole, they would give them their own so the job could get done.  Seems to be it is often the silent type that get the jobs done with the least fuss.
As the years travel by, the size of the sandbox got bigger - so that the adults that play in it can fit their sorry behinds in it.  Yup, it doesn't matter what club, community or political party you are a part of, it is actually just a huge sandbox of life where 25 plus year old children rant, cry, argue and piss in.  Some adults go to sandbox to sandbox, kicking sand in the other's eyes and moving on before the job is done.  And there still exists the quiet, minding their own business type of people, building their sandcastles with maybe a truck with a missing wheel, and a shovel with a crack in it - but they scoop away, getting the job done.
It doesn't matter what phase of life one is in, but if you find a present from a cat in the box - flip it out of the box.  We don't want more crap in life than there already is.


  1. I have sifted a lot of cat crap out of my own sandbox - it may be time to change the sand.

  2. I am dealing with one of those sandbox kids myself now....sigh......