Monday, January 7, 2013

The Alberta Experience Continued.

After being dog tired, Lisa and I arose to the smell of gluten free Bacon (probably because the pigs did not eat bread) and eggs (delivered lovingly from Randy's hens - who likely were unionized, since they worked half time, laying an egg every other day).
Who would want to work making eggs if they lived in a mansion?

The mansion was in front of the servant's quarters.
 After breakfast, we walked the dogs quickly.

And training resumed.
Lisa put some moves on Flint.

 And then she brought out Gyp and showed her off.
 Nanny Bannany showed that she was keen.

Things were going good until when Randy gave me  some important information.  He informed me that Don had called, relaying the message that Floss (who was to have an important date with Ky) was only out with the other male dogs for a short time...he didn't thing anything happened while she was left alone with them.
Yup, hook, line and sinker. Randy got me good.  Look out, your day will come.
I was pleased with Kelly - in a mere 12 hours, she seemed to comprehend what "Lie down" meant.
Don Grant came out and showed off his young dogs - Ky (Kelly's and Flint's older brother), Gem and Cher (Sonny wasn't around). 
As I was in too much in awe on the amount of training he did on his young dogs, I forgot to take pictures of them.
I tied Kelly at the bottom of the stairs, and we went upstairs to watch other young dogs.  Abe Marshall came along and showed off his young bitch and young dog pup.  As he was working, Kelly started barking downstairs...but when I went down, she was not there.  Crap, did she sneak outside?  I went outside and called her name. I saw Ky tied up to Don's truck, but no Kelly in sight.  Really, losing your dog twice within 12 hours?  You've got to be kidding!
Then I smelled something ....very fishy.  I found Kelly locked in a stall - out...your day will come as well.
Val's kitchen was open, and she fed us lunch.  Soon it was time to go - Lisa made her way back home to Athabasca, and I headed back to Saskatchewan-to a slower pace of life..
However, there was to be another small stop.
I stopped to visit Chris Jobe and Mildred Barry - and to bum a bed since it was getting late in the day.  Puppies were played with, and a few sheep were worked.
 Her young Ike was hiked up!
 Feeling cocky, I brought Nan and Kelly into the open field - look mom, no walls!

Then it was time to go home.  A stop was done to get a few groceries, and the weekend was over. 
It is always nice to have a working dog weekend, it jumpstarts myself to get out and work on the dogs.  I think this year will be filled with a few more of these "Gone To The Dogs" weekends. 

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