Saturday, February 2, 2013

Forcasting The Weather

Weather forecasting - a very exact science, using highly accurate instruments to forecast the next major cyclone, high and low pressures.  I am sure the pressure of being a weatherman has its ups and downs - the (barometric) pressure of giving the public the next days forecast, right down to the probability of precipitation - it must lead to many migraines.
Every year on February 2nd, they bring out the biggest gun they have to predict the next 6 weeks - a long range forecast.
Marmota monax is the secret weapon needed for this highly accurate prediction.  There are only three areas in the world that I am aware of that has this equipment - Pennsylvania (Punxsutawney Phil), Ontario (Wiarton Willie) and Alberta (Balzac Billy).  According to stats, they are correct about 39% of the time - slightly higher than the weatherman seen on the television.
McCord had its own spring weather indicator - a slightly smaller model - McCordian Marmot. Unfortunately it was damaged when Dora the Explorer drove over it during last summer.
It saw the shadow of Dora's tire before it ran over it's head.  As predicted - no spring in the near future was seen.

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