Thursday, February 14, 2013

Special Days of The Calendar

As the year starts to fly by, important dates come and go - big important events.  It is about this time of year when I bring out my calendar, look up the stockdog websites, pick up a pencil and start pencilling in the trials I would like to attend during the next 10 months.
Over the years, there are trials I like to try to get to every year, since they are well run, and are fun to attend.  I also try to make a few that I have not been to before - I always want to see different dogs, different handlers and different country.
So there are two lists - the list of trials that most likely will be reported about later, and then the other list - the trials that I really want to go to, but more than likely will be erased off the calendar.  Within the first list, there are a few more events that I normally don't do - judging and going to a few clinics.  I will have to check my closet to make sure I have enough hats to wear for trialing, judging and clinics. 
So, currently the events that can be written in ink will be - Clock, Stock and Barrel in Calgary for April followed by a Scott Glen clinic a week later, a demo at Pet Expo in Regina on May 5th (hopefully no ducks will lose their feathers), the Sheep River Classic on the May long weekend at Okotoks, a trip out to Paxton Valley, BC to judge (which reminds me, I had better get my eyes checked),  the Slash J and Clear Creek trials in Wyoming (in which will be a whirlwind trip, getting off the plane in Regina from Paxton Valley, and then speeding my way back home to pick up Jamie VanRhyn and flying - in Dora the Explorer - down to the Wyoming trials), Wildrose Classic in Bowden in July, followed by the Stampede (have to polish my boots and don my hat), Dawson Creek trial in British Columbia (great field, and a great long trip), a clinic with Alasdair MacRae in early August at Chris Jobe's place, the Shaunavon Classic (in my backyard) in August,  the Western Canadian Finals/Canadian Championships in Manktota (literally in my backyard), Meeker Sheepdog Classic in Colorado for September....and if enough points .....USBCHA finals in Virgina for October.  Guess that trial will have to be in pencil if there are not enough points for the girls. 
There is a trial I will have to give up this year - Kingston Sheepdog Trial ...sorry, the party will have to happen without me this year.  I would like to go to the Free To Be trial in New Mexico this year...never have been there.  We will see I suppose-but it may have to be plans for next year - as they say, there is always next year.
There is another clinic that has to be done as well- a fund raiser for the CBCA Championships.  The illustrious Norm Sommer and lovely wife Bev and I and possibly Peter Gonnet will put on a clinic at Sommer's place - this is still in pencil.  Damn you Julian and your calendar, you didn't put enough weekends in the year!
So who will be the ones who will run this year? - well, Gin and Floss for sure in the open - Mitch will be thrown in the pro-novice and possibly open to dabble his toes in those classes.  I have two upcoming youngsters - Nan and Kelly - if I do have them running they would be in nursery for 2 years - there is one glitch in this thinking - they have to be trained first. 
I guess I better get on the training on then....time will fly by and summer will be here.  I will keep their entries printed in pencil.
Then I look on the calendar again at yet another important date - Happy Valentine's Chris, the main cog in my wheel of life! 
Which reminds me, Chris, can you check my dog trailer's tires before I go this spring?


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