Sunday, February 3, 2013

What A Weekend

Well after a full week at Nanton working, I spent the Saturday with my best friend Penny.  It was only last weekend that we spent a day at the spa - I am afraid that the money spent did not last.  Sad, very sad.  Obviously the drying air of Alberta requires a lot more cream spread on the skin.
Penny however, got a cute little haircut since the facial.
 And this is Roger - the dog.  I do believe he is need of a dental.
 This is me - I think I need a cucumber for the lines around my eyes. Or maybe a rest from all the running around.
I had a good sleep and got well refreshed to go out to Louanne's for a little dog training.  Naomi Shields was there, a full year older since it was her birthday- somewhat looking like me in the picture above.   Unfortunately, my battery was dead on my camera, so no pictures were taken for proof - either of the dog training or the fact that Naomi looked older-that may be a godsend in hindsight.  Hopefully a few more training sessions will occur in my time in Alberta - hopefully with pictures.
Please believe me when I say the night's rest did wonders of good.  Really, a miracle.
I don't feel so much like the walking dead.

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