Sunday, April 14, 2013

Are You Sick Of Stormy Winters?

Old Man Winter sure doesn't know when he isn't invited somewhere.  Blowing wind only to block things seemed to be his main job this year.  Just when you think he had weakened, and the weather had become nice and the day was bright, another bout of cursing wind would occur, spewing up loads of unwanted white crap.  Sometimes that snow which flew from his mouth would hurt like sandpaper as it was hurled towards someone.  Often, the wind would blow for days, and then change directions, and blow in the opposite way. It was almost like a broken record-the same storm, over and over again it would seem. Winter certainly wasn't very nice this year, it caused a lot of hard work and heartache for many a person and animal.
Winter sure was the talk of the town for 2013 - negatively affecting many individuals all across North America - heck, even in Britain.  Its effects will not be forgotten quickly.  The price of winter's damage can be high.
I hope soon that spring will come and kick this stormy winter square in the backside.  I have had quite enough of it, as I am sure as others has as well. 
Hopefully the chill of this winter snow will be a memory of the past. 
Winters will come and go, and we will survive them with careful planning.  Unfortunately, we all have to weather the storm at times.  We have to open the door when Old Man Winter starts to knock, but we can protect ourselves from the sting of the cold with a little insulation, and hugs from a loved one...and an Elmer Fudd cap.
And when stormy winters get you down too much - always remember Spring is just around the corner.
Or.... you can escape to Mexico for a vacation.

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