Sunday, April 21, 2013

Should Have Done This Ages Ago!!

This was something I should have done ages ago-take a dog clinic. It started when I left work and made it to Jamie VanRyn's place, to do a little dog training, a little visiting, and have a sleep over. The next morning was to get to Chris Jobe's so we could travel together to Jerry Kurbatoff's and Billie Richardson's (no relation to me -since she has my maiden name-but she could be my sister anytime!). That night a birthday cake was had, to celebrate another year of survival for myself. How old am I? Probably old enough to know better. Let's just say, I will still be buying green bananas for many years to come (which reminds me that the bananas at home have probably went brown!). Chris and I were graciously allowed to stay at Jerry's and Billie's and partake in How To Run A Hound - 101. First-ensure your dog knows how to take commands. I did find out that the supposedly wide flanks I had with Floss had magically disappeared over the winter. Now,where did I put that drawing board? Second, video not only adds pounds to your physique (or was that Jerry's cooking?), it also depicts just how your whistles sound weird-I liken it to people who think they sound good singing-but only in their mind. The clinic went great, even if there was another slight blast of winter. We brought our currs out and got some pretty good insight on how to spend points to make points- but unlike the penny, there will be no rounding up or down. We watched the video in the afternoon so that the thrill (or was that chill) of the morning workout could be relived again. Lots of visiting, a lot of laughing, and a lot of eating was done-a perfect weekend! Now to put all of that information to work-I figure that we all should finish in the top eight from now on-and if we don't, no big deal-it's only a dog trial!!

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