Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Relaxing Holidays

June 29, 2010, Calvin Jones landed into Canada. He hails from Wales, and came over to judge the Trochu Dash for Cash Sheep Arena Trial, the Hilltop Mounted Cattle Trial, the Hilltop Sheep Field Trial, the World Stockdog Championships at the Calgary Stampede and also put on a clinic for handlers.
I don't think he knew what he was in for.

We found him a horse, and he helped us move cattle, not once, but twice. We had to treat some heifers, and then bring those heifers again to use them for the trial in Olds. He came all the way to Canada to do a cattle drive, and he still had to use an English saddle - we didn't have any Western Saddles with short enough legs. We could have put him in a kid's saddle, but Joey our 7 year old nephew was using his. I think he is half midget.
They say there is no rest for the wicked, so Calvin has been working steady. Long days and short nights is what his tourist brochure told him. After the Trochu and the Mounted Hilltop trials, we sheared some sheep on our day of rest, and also made him become a mechanic and take tires off of our Gator for the Hilltop Field Trial. He also provided maid services - one night after coming home (not sure what night it was, it is all rolling into one now), we came home to find the basement flooded, and we spent 2 hours mopping up and drying his belongings. That was supposed to be our night to go to bed early. Yeh, right. His restful time came the last few days when he helped handlers at a clinic. We had people from all walks of life - those new people wanting to get into dog trialing and starting their young dogs, to ranchers who want to make their dogs more useful, and to open handlers needing to polish their dogs up.

Even the dogs at the clinic watched closely during workouts.
The rest of the people at the clinic learned from others as well and they watched, and Calvin explained what he would do to improve each dog. Everyone enjoyed the two days, and everyone learned great information.

I am not sure he will want to come over to Canada again. He may be the first judge killed in the line of duty. Poor little Welshman.

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