Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What A Feeling

July 13th, Calvin Jones has jumped on the plane and has headed back to Wales. I tell you, the 2 weeks that he stayed has been most enjoyable, but GOD am I tired. I used to be able to survive on less than 5 hours of sleep-of course, there was often beer and multiple people in the vicinity - oh that's another blog.
Trials, clinics, trials and more trials. My jeep really hasn't cooled down in the last few days - from all the running around was done. The Triple Crown Event was completed, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, as the dogs did. Here are a few pictures of the whirlwind week we had.
Fly at Olds Dogs and Ewes Tricks.
Gin and myself waiting for the cattle in Olds. Nobody got bucked off, nobody got hurt.

Gin did a duck demo during the Calgary Stampede Parade, which was also during the first day of the Hilltop Trial. My twins stepped in (Bev Sommer and Holly Brunner) and things got done while I was gone that morning.

Lisa Wright showed her cool cucumber ways during her runs. Or possibly she was finding change to pay off the judge.

A potluck that night filled all the handler's bellies.

Donald Grant and Jeff was Champion Triple Crown Nursery Dog, Myself and Creed got Reserve Champion for this event. Have found out something about Donald - he pours very stiff drinks, and he doesn't hold his liquor very well. And he is very hiped up about putting on his own trial next year.

Jimmy Walker cleaned house (I wish he really did, my house looks like a pit stop). His Angie was Champion and his Mitch was Reserve Champion. He and Jan had a turkey dinner on the belt buckle he won.

Then when the Triple Crown was done with, we went to the Calgary Stampede. That meant waking up at 4 am to get ducks, dogs and Calvin ready. Everything was stuffed into the dog trailer, we apologized to Calvin, removed him from the dog trailer and continued on with our marathon.

The trial gods was with me, I got both Gin and Fly into the top 15 - the Bubble award went to Carl Sneddon and Gem.

Both of the girls penned - and there was a great lipstand done by myself with Gin's pen - hey, whatever works. Ulcers were created as I watched all of the rest of the handlers run. Pixie dust was thrown, and the final verdicts were in.

Dave Claypool was Champion with Glen, and Gin was Reserve Champion - Fly came in 5th.

My only job in the next few days is find an ATB machine with a large enough slot for the cheque.
A few more duck demos at Stampede will have to be done, and a trip to Lloydminster for a mounted dog trial is planned.
Now I know what a chicken feels like when she is running around with her head cut off.

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