Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mile 0- Dawson Creek, British Columbia

Am up at Gellings for a dog trial, and it is the first time I have been up this far north. The place for the field is great, and the sheep have been really good. I am pretty happy with my two days - Creed was second in nursery, I sent Syd out, and have realized I have a bit more work with him to do (crossing on his outrun), Fly still listens great for her age, and she only missed by 1 point for getting into the double lift that will be held tomorrow (damned pilot she has, all I needed was to get the second set of drive panels for 6 more points and the win of the day)- 82 points not bad I suppose. Gin worked well- once again it is the pilot at fault - maybe I should get new glasses.

The Gellings fed us very well, and then had a night of singing (and I would have been dancing, but I didn't drink that much). The days have been very nice, today was quite windy however. Oh, and then I had a flat tire, but luckily I was at Ken Price's place and he filled up my tire enough to get back to town to get it fixed. Alot of visiting and laughing - requirements for any good trial. Tomorrow is the double lift - 6 dogs - top three of each day will be going. Dennis and Jean Gellings, Carol Nelson, Ken Price, Bob Stephens and Jennifer Glen will be running their dogs. I will be setting, and will be taking pictures from the top. Perhaps I can get money for the pictures not to be posted on my blog - we will see. Bribery is not a bad thing - its only bad if it happens to you.

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