Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Training for Kingston

After the Gellings trial (congratulations to Ken Price and Creed who did a great job), I have made my way across Alberta and have landed at the Sommer's residence to do some training. We took out the dogs today, Bev has a new female that looks like will suit her quite well, and pretty to boot! I brought out a 10 month old female (Luhoff breeding) that shows great promise - circling quite well and stops when asked - always a bonus in a young dog. There may be some dog dealing done in the next few days, and my trailer may become slightly lighter. Actually it is lighter at the moment - Fly took a flight to Kingston 1 week early to meet up with Amanda Milliken's Clive. Fly took flight at 5:30 this morning from Edmonton - and word has it that she has touched down happily in Amanda's (and Clive's) care.

I and Chris has decided to downsize abit on the border collies - people are starting to introduce me as Wendy Many Dogs - but there is no treaty card to go with that title. I am not doing a great job of it though - as soon as 1 dog is gone, I fill up the kennel again. I may have to go through a 12 step program if I am not careful.

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