Saturday, October 23, 2010

Waiting For Gin (and Tonic)

Last report, Gin was in Maria Amodei's van making her way to Butternut Creek Trial at Amanda's. Ken Price is hopefully going to be able to bring her back with him when he comes back from judging the trial. She'll get home just in time to go to the Lloydminster trial, the ASDA Arena Finals and Northlands. In the meantime, I have been working in Wetaskiwin, and then after work slip to Norm Schmuland's to work the young dogs. Creed's dyslexia is getting better, and really do like him, especially on a big group of sheep. Norm has about 20 ewes in a group, and I work Creed and Floss (who is mildly dyslexic as well). After that, I get about 6 ewes, and put them in a round pen for Tim (a Creed/Gin son) to work. He is balancing quite well, and for his third time out, it looks like I will have to start telling him what a lie down is all about. We have to get all the training done before it gets too dark - so that is about an hour of light after work.
Appears that I will be putting Creed in all the upcoming arena trials - Chris and Jill won't be able to make it because haying is being particularly long this season. Granted, it will likely be money wasted, but, I don't smoke (can't say I don't drink though), and may as well spend it on something I enjoy. Although during the time of running Creed, people may think I don't enjoy it.
So I will continue to fill the daylight hours with vomiting dogs, cats with diarrhea, bunnies that can't hop and floating fish until I can get a few days off to work the sheep some more.

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