Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why Do The Mechanical Gods Hate Us So?

I think the Amish has the right idea - non-mechanical is the way to go. Let's rehash the escapades of our Dodge truck (sorry, Dodge people, I wouldn't be using this as a commercial). Breakdown in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan (clutch) leading to a week of waiting, mostly due to the service and great mechanical skills of the dealership there ($1400). Driving home from that, the turbo went, leading to a $700 tow job to get that fixed ($1200). Last week the transfer case went, of course not near home. That was $400 for towing, and $800 for the fix up. Okay, it happened in threes, should be good right? I guess technically it is okay, because it was a different vehicle it happened to. Chris was on his way to load the sheep with the cattle liner, and the liner, decided to unhitch from the semi. Thank GOD it didn't happen on the highway. Picture this, (I didn't take a picture because I was internally puking), the truck was going down hill, the liner unhitched, and then landed half on the semi. There goes 2 hours of my life that I won't get back. First we got a neighbor down the road, thinking we could use their front end loader to lift the corner of the liner so the truck could re-hitch. Unfortunately, a grapple fork was on, and the bucket couldn't open large enough - just large enough to start opening the liner like a tin can. Plan two came into effect. Jacking up the liner on a downhill slope. Anyone got anti-ulcer medication? We got it done, without too many bleeding ulcers made, and Chris went on his merry way. He had a great time loading, basically one ewe at a time due to the great setup at the guy's place. I hope the Alberta Stock Dog Association appreciates all this. I think I will be putting a bill in for ulcer medication.

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