Thursday, October 28, 2010

Everyone is Home.

Well, Gin is back home!! Ken Price was judging in Ontario, and he was able (with a little help from his friends) to put Gin on the plane. Even though she was within a regulation kennel when she went to Virginia, her kennel was too small to bring her back, so a kennel had to be borrowed to send her back in. Now, we have to send the kennel back (and get her's back as well). Looks like we will be using Greyhound - wonder how big their kennels have to be.
It sounded like Gin had behaved herself - at least everyone was saying that there was no need for me to send her back. Glad she was good for everyone involved in her trek back home.
Now she has to grow a little hair - the Virginia weather seemed to have thinned her coat somewhat. Welcome home Gin, and welcome home to 0 degrees celcius (32 degrees fahrenheit).
After a workathon, which included bleeding dogs, puking dogs, tumor dogs, neutered cats, earmites, dogs with nerve paralysis, and a cute puppy vaccination - and that was only 2 days of work- I will have a day off to go back home and maybe train a dog or two (or three, or four). The triathlon will start next week with Lloydminster, tour into Mayerthorpe for the ASDA finals and then finish at Edmonton at Farmfair. Chris won't be able to make it, so I will be putting Creed into these trials as well, as well as Fly and Gin. Then we are planning to get down to Regina for Agribition - then hibernation mode. The way I feel after this week, I would like to hibernate now.

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